You can feel it in your bones. Onstage with your audience. Everything has come together. You’ve never seen anything like this. Looking through the lights at the faces, you feel the rush. This is what it is all about. 

We forever capture these moments of excitement found only when you are in front of an audience. We produce immersive live concert videos, by far the most intimate experience you and your fans will ever enjoy. And will continue to enjoy for years to come, long after those moments are gone. 

Meadowgate Media Productions LLC

Live Concert Videography

The most intimate experience with your fans, captured forever.


Love Canon: Shobefest 22, Ojai, California. September 27, 2014 ~  Meadowgate Media Productions


Why Live Concert Video?

Whether you're an Artist, Manager or Record label, how these three different mediums can work together is key to your continued growth.


Your recordings are often where your music is heard most.

Your recordings can reach listeners around the world and will last forever.

With the advent of streaming in expanding global markets, well positioned artists will make more money than ever before.

Every revolution in the music business has ultimately brought in more revenue. We are just beginning the greatest revolution of all. Are you positioned to participate?


Is the reason you began this journey because you had a vision of yourself onstage?

The culmination of a life’s work and struggle is often rewarded in that moment onstage just after having given the defining performance of your career. You and your audience.

That concert will be gone forever unless you have a concert video.

Concert videos play an important role in developing your career 

  • Promote recordings and shows
  • Capture the performance of a lifetime
  • Show you together with your fans
  • All of your fans can see your show
  • Audio and visuals superior to live show
  • Critical performance feedback for artistic development


A gathering to celebrate life and music. Your music. To see you sing your songs. To share the excitement and synergy of the crowd and the performers. To be in the moment. Watching the performers take the risk and put themselves out there. Audience and artists feeding each other to higher levels beyond anything before. All in the moment.


Technology offers your fans more access to you and your music. Most artists are under-utilizing social media. Posting fun iPhone video behind the scenes along with a stunning clip of your performance as a follow up to a show keeps you connected. You’re relationship with your fans is more important than ever.  It’s all about the people. It always has been.